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Choosing a machine sub-contractor is a careful, deliberate process to be undertaken with all the seriousness it deserves. Making the right choice can be the difference between being the hero at work or having to deal with an extended period of headaches. The big win is quality work that’s reliable and delivered when and as expected.

Europe’s LHM has been delivering the most cutting edge machine work available since 1973. That’s a long period of time in which we’ve proven that our philosophy of consistently performing at or above expectations will keep us going. Over 90% of our work is exported to markets around the world. We’re experienced in and understand exactly what large industrial firms need, bringing advantages like project management, component manufacturing, assembly, documentation, and testing to the table.

You’re the best at what you do. And the very best knows to bring in partners that can complete and complement your efforts. LHM’s expertise and high-tech equipment means quality, cost, and guaranteed delivery that can leave you worry-free. Our mission every day is to remain a leader in technology and organization. That’s why customers who have chosen LHM can count on getting products of the very highest quality, no matter the quantity, at consistent best-value pricing.

What you can trust LHM to provide:

  • Attentive, effective servicing of offshore businesses
  • The whole package - purchase, manufacturing, coating, assembling and testing for multiple industries, including aerospace and aviation
  • All processes thoroughly documented
  • Visibility into every step of production
  • First class service that proves how much we value our customers
  • Production flexibility – changes don’t scare us
  • The highest security and environmental standards
  • In-charge project management
  • Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) – we get it done when you need it
  • Technical expertise. We love the latest and greatest.