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55 ROV Clamp Connetcors

Flooding Caps

Protection Cap

Flooding Caps

55 Test/Flush 12"

Clamp Connector

Preasure Test Equipment
up to 1800 BAR

Pressure Test
of Protection Cap

3D Measurement Machine
1500x1000x1000 mm

Manufacturing doesn't stop at machining and welding. So don't mess around with sub-contractors who don't continue the process with expert assembly and testing. We've done great work for a lot of happy customers in the subsea, business and printing industries since 2001. But as we mentioned earlier, we've been at this since 1973, manufacturing parts of nearly every kind imaginable.

Some of the Parts We've Produced:

  • Hub with or without cladding
  • Pressure caps
  • Test and flush caps
  • Test caps
  • Protection caps
  • ROV clamps
  • Porch
  • Guide Cone
  • Wire magazines
  • Bending devices
  • Ink devices

Like you, we leave nothing to chance. Since 2003 we've pressure tested subsea parts like test camps/clamps, pressure caps, test and flush caps, hubs, and a variety of other kinds of caps. We really put them through it, because we want our customers able to move forward with the utmost confidence. We also do load testing, fit testing, and anything else we can think of to put every part we make through the ringer.