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We’re passionate about what we do, so we’re naturally equally passionate about the machinery and tools of the trade. Our insistence on having the most modern, top-of-the-line workstations benefits YOU more than anyone. Whatever material you desire, rest assured we work with it. Stainless steel, super duplex (strong and ductile with excellent resistance to sea water corrosion), inconel (nickel alloy resistant to corrosion at high temps), titanium, plastics…and the list goes on.

Our systems trace materials through every phase of production, with all required documentation or certificates to meet Norsok and other standards provided as needed.

We go strictly by the drawings and documentation our customers give us, all of which are held in 100% confidentiality. LHM has established leadership in our business by having the right equipment, the right personnel (50+ highly trained and experienced employees in Denmark and Poland), and superior facilities (close to 5.000m2 or 53,820 sq. ft. of fully-equipped production space).

Our Top-of-the-Line Equipment

5 axies machines

  • 4 machines
  • Max machining range 1740 mm x 760 mm

Horizontal CNC mmilling machines

  • 4 machines
  • Max machining range 1740 mm x 760 mm x 1000 mm

Vertical CNC milling machines

  • 11 machines
  • Max machining range 1600 mm x 750 mm

Lathe/Turning CNC machines

  • 11 machines
  • Max machining range Ø900 mm x 2000 mm

Vertical/Turning CNC machines

  • 1 machine
  • Max machining range Ø2000 mm x 1500 mm

CNC grinding

  • 4 machines
  • Cylindrical, surface and crankshaft grinding

Smith work

  • We performs solidly and carefully smiths work.
  • Since 1990 we have had smiths work as one of our specialties.


  • 1 machine
  • Max honing range Ø400 x 3000 mm

Plus, with LHM, component failure is not an option. That’s why we offer one of the widest arrays of Non-Destructive Testing equipment and procedures in the industry, including visual inspection, dye penetrant inspection, ultrasonic testing, positive material identification, and magnetic particle inspection. The list is much longer than that, so contact us if you’d like to hear all the other ways that we insure materials reliability.