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55 ROV Clamp Connetcors

Flooding Caps

Protection Cap

Flooding Caps

55 Test/Flush 12"

Clamp Connector

Preasure Test Equipment
up to 1800 BAR

Pressure Test
of Protection Cap

3D Measurement Machine
1500x1000x1000 mm


LHM serves customers who have a demand for reliable logistics, high quality products and service, overall value, and on-time delivery.


Our vision is to be a preferred and competitive supplier that uses reliability and high levels of efficiency to provide quality products on time, benefiting our customers and employees. Also, for employees to contribute new ideas and their best efforts to continuously improve our business. And for customers to rate us #1 in Total Value Delivered.


LHM achieves this vision with engaged, motivated, professional, and skilled employees who possess exceptional in-depth technical knowledge. Our work environment fosters and rewards participation, positive attitudes, and team influence. LHM management is committed to continuous performance improvements, ensuring the highest levels of satisfaction for our customers, employees and stakeholders.