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55 ROV Clamp Connetcors

Flooding Caps

Protection Cap

Flooding Caps

55 Test/Flush 12"

Clamp Connector

Preasure Test Equipment
up to 1800 BAR

Pressure Test
of Protection Cap

3D Measurement Machine
1500x1000x1000 mm


The welding industry certainly has its guidelines and standards, and it should. ASME, NORSOK, EN, AWS…we meet or exceed the standards for all of them. And we do that by focusing on keeping highly experienced welders in our shop. These professionals have an average 10+ years in experience welding specifically for the offshore/subsea industry. This includes mastery of:
  • Cladding by Inconel 625 - method TIG and MIG - on base materials like S355J2G3, ASTM A694 F65, TTSTE355Z3, and AISI 4130.
  • Structure welding using carbon steel, stainless steel, and super duplex steel
  • Pipes welding, also using carbon steel, stainless steel, and super duplex steel

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

LHM will exceed the testing standards of ASME, API, DNV, NORSOK, EN, and ISO; then above and beyond that, we comply with any additional testing requirements our customers might request. Going the extra mile to insure quality is common at LHM, so you'll find us to be willing partners in going through as thorough a testing process as possible.

Examples of our adherence to quality assurance includes visual tests (caliper, caliper gages, etc.), magnetic particle tests, liquid penetrant tests, ultrasonic tests and thickness, hardness tests at all manufacturing levels, and Positive Material Identification. We've seen it all and done it all, so don't be reluctant to ask for the assurances that proper parts testing can give.